Cocoa Room for Futoor



I did. And it was diggidy dang good. No wait- that barely chips the ice. It was (drum roll please)…

World Class

I went with two friends. They insisted on “sharing”. I’m not a fan of sharing, about it but I went along. Before we commence with our wonderful journey into the awesomeness that is Cocoa Room, cheap I’d like to point out a few things:

  1. I was very hungry. Fasting for 16 hours does that to me. Duh.
  2. The pictures you will be enjoying were taken very unprofessionally. Try taking pictures of the best food you’ve set your 5 senses on with a monstrous craving.
  3. There is no 3.
  4. In reference to points 1 and 2, I don’t recall all the names of the dishes you will hopefully enjoy below.
  5. Why didn’t I shift point 4 to 3 and save everyone the hassle of reading an extra point?

We were provided with complimentary Laban blended with mint and a small bowl of dates. You see those beige chunks around the dates? No idea what they are, but they complimented the dates oh-so-awesomely.


The Phuket Salad which I always accidentally pronounce with an “F” and not a “P”. People have hyped it. Fortunately, the hype turned out to be true. A lot of crisp and crunch. Once my two buddies stopped reaching for servings, I proceeded to wipe the dish clean with my hand. I swear. We were the only people there and waiters were looking at me in amazement. As far as I’m concerned, the Chef should’ve kissed me.


Veal topped with mushroom and mushroom sauce, laying on a piece of muffin (or bread). My friends ate there’s with a fork and knife like true gentlemen. I ate mine with my hand, gulping the entire thing in one bite. Again, the smell tempted me and no one was there to witness the monstrosity that is my appetite.


Mushroom and cheese flatbread. Friend number 1 ate one piece and friend number 2 ate four. This leaves 5 pieces for yours truly. I drizzled mine with a bit (and by a bit I mean A LOT) of balsamic vinegar. MUCHO MUCHO VERY NICE. Again, I used my hands.


Kuwaiti style grilled Tiger Shrimps, two types of mabooch and THE BEST TASTING RICE EVER! My apologies for not taking a picture of the award winning rice. All you need to know is that this is the rice kings eat for lunch, dinner and maybe breakfast.


Red Spaghetti. Very messy to eat, but what a wonderful mess it was. Nothing about this dish is light, so consider sharing it with 3 to 500 friends. I ate the most of course since my appetite is equivalent to a Spartan army of 300.


I asked the waiter to serve this exclusively for ME without sharing. Bader, my GAY training partner jumped in and brought up his uber gay “sharing” speech. I caved in and shared- what a GAY mistake that was. You see that brown stuff? The lightest, softest and yummiest lamb you’ll ever taste in your life. You see that yellow stuff it’s laying on? Saffron Risotto.


I forgot to take one last picture- Grilled Lamb Shanks. Why? My two buddies didn’t like them, but I did. I managed to eat 4 pieces really really fast.

What’s sexier than the stuff you just saw? The stuff you’re about to see.

Again, I caved in to Bader’s GAY sharing philosophy. We consumed what you see below faster than you can say “Bader’s GAY sharing philosophy”. If you look closely, the top layer’s ice. You have to crack it open with a spoon before you dive in. If I’m not mistaken, this layered amalgamation of awesomeness is called Cocoa Room Monday.


Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I voted NAY for this, only to find myself consuming more than my two friends. This is definitely NO NAY. All YAY here with flying red colors, chocolate chips and the creamiest whipped cream on top.


The star of our Futoor- Oreo Crusted Chocolate Molten. Castration is the punishment that will befall upon you if you dine at Cocoa Room and not order this for dessert.


What happens when you combine Nutella and Souffle? You get what you see below. If I only knew what the waiter did before he did it I would’ve done it myself. Anyways, he dug a hole into the souffle and poured melted Nutella inside.


Conclusively, I highly recommend Cocoa Room’s dinner menu- for a cheat meal. What you see was not recommended by anyone. We merely voted and picked what sang to our cravings.

35 Responses to “Cocoa Room for Futoor”

  1. Sindi Says:

    Hey! In regards to my earlier question about my mom’s Ramadan schedule:

    Her current lifestyle:
    1:00: Wakes up to pray, and stays awake till..
    6:30: She breaks her fast on only water and thyroid medication
    7:00: Her f6oor is breakfast style consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, and one peice of pita bread
    12:00: Chicken/Meat/Shrimp with Rice + Sambosa/Koba etc.
    4:00 After praying she goes straight to sleep

    Thank you, again! I really appreciate it!

  2. Husain Says:

    I was waiting for the August Q&A post, but I guess since you already posted the Ramadan Q&A, you might not post another Q&A this month. So please excuse me for going off-topic here.

    As I told you before I was experiencing high blood pressure and my wife has been insisting me on consulting a physician. So a week before Ramadan, I visited a doctor and performed some blood tests. The result shows elevated levels of Urea (BUN) and Creatinine in blood.

    The doctor is suspecting that the high blood pressure is affecting my kidneys, but the doctor was unaware of the fact that I am following a high protein diet and supplementing with Creatine.

    Do you think it is really something to be worried or the high Urea & Creatinine levels are just because of my diet and supplementation? What other lab tests can I do to better assess the health of my renal system? After some research online I came across the Urine Protein test. Is that something that would be conclusive regarding Kidney’s health?

    Thank you.

  3. Adam Says:

    A nice place to dine! there’s a very cool dude who works there called Kamal,Nepalese! very nice guy :)

  4. saud Says:

    Picture Perfect!!

  5. Abosh_Hypnotic Says:

    Alchocolate chip chena martadela hhhuh 3awafy kel shay shakla eyanin , lazm ajarib al spaghetti

  6. khalid Says:

    where is this place?

  7. FAHAD Says:

    Sindi: I see your mom’s on thyroid meds. She’s eating way too little. I suggest she eats her futoor first, adding a bit of protein from eggs OR machboos chicken with a few pieces of oven baked sambosas.

    3 hrs later (10:15-10:30) , she can take her thyroid meds. An hour later (11:30), let her consume a light snack- nonfat yogurt & fruit.

    No earlier than 3:30 am, I suggest she consumes 250-500ml of nonfat Liban and 3-7 dates.

    Make sure she drinks A LOT OF WATER.

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: The Kidney is correlated with high blood pressure. It plays a vital role in keeping your blood pressure in optimal range.
    1) You’ll need to lower protein intake to 1 gram per lean body pound.
    2) Supplement with LIV-52. 2 tabs after Futoor & 2 tabs after Suhoor.
    3) Supplement with Cystone. 1 tab with Futoor, your snack and Suhoor.

    Are you still experiencing symptoms of HBP?

  9. Mark Says:

    dude you make my cheat meals look like regular meals. All i had was the red spaghetti and i shared the nutella souffle with nat!

  10. Husain Says:


    Thank you for the response. Prior to Ramadan I was consuming 1.5 gms of protein per lb of LBM. During Ramadan I am taking in less than 1 gm per lb. I was drinking 5+ liters of water prior to Ramadan and during ramadan it is 3+ liters.

    What are those supplements you suggested supposed to do & where can I get them from?

    I am also supplementing with 10 gms of creatine. Do you suggest I continue taking creatine or discontinue it for a while?

    I checked my BP yesterday and it was 140/90.

  11. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb everything looks awesome… t9adig 3ad lai7een ma jarabt Cocoa Room… :(

  12. O Says:

    I shld go with you one day on one of these cheat meals :)
    I can definitely keep up with ur big appetite! And for sure no sharing such delicious food :)
    The only negative part is that I will gain weight and u will stay fit :(

  13. Saroona Says:

    Dear Fahad,
    Would you explain why u suggested Sindi’s mom to have her thyroid medc around 3hours after her fotoor and not as she usually consume it. As per my Dr it is recommended to take it on empty stomach and wait for 30 minutes and then eat. I’d be grateful if u provide me with ur thoughts.
    Thank you:)

  14. Faisal Says:


    Respect, though. King shit!

    (and i think the thing you cracked on top of the dessert was sugar, not ice. could be wrong.)

  15. RORO Says:

    dayuuum boy. sa7taiiiin :)

  16. Husain Says:

    Also how long do you suggest taking the above supplements?

  17. FAHAD Says:

    Mark: We should go out for a cheat meal one day. I’d bet you’d blog about it for a week. lol

  18. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: Also cut out the creatine. Both supplements are for liver and kidney health. In addition, add Niacin to the mix.

  19. FAHAD Says:

    Bo-Ya3gooob: Jad lay6oofik!

  20. Abrar Says:

    I’m in the States right now, I’m at work, still fasting (it’s 2:24PM), I just read the post, and I’m getting light-headed *faints*

  21. Saroona Says:

    Abrar, i’m in the states too:D the sun sets here around 8.15pm, checking this web before fotoor time is very tempting, but I still love reading and learning through it. I miss ramadhan’s unique smell in kuwait, yet I feel like home due to Fabad’s awesome writing skill:D

  22. FAHAD Says:

    O: LOL You’re more than welcome to join me!

  23. FAHAD Says:

    Saroona: Depending on how large the meal is, an empty stomach is achieved 2-4 hours after the consumption of food. I’m willing to bet her mom isn’t a heavy eater, which means her stomach will be empty 3 hours after the consumption of Futoor.

  24. FAHAD Says:

    I cracked it and ate away like I was about die in seconds!

  25. FAHAD Says:

    RORO: 3ala galbik! A “masha’Allah” would be highly appreciated :P

  26. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: As long as it takes to get your BP back to normal. I’d say a month. Check your progress and keep me updated.

  27. FAHAD Says:

    Saroona: There you go again with your awesome “I feel like home due to Fahad..” quote! You have no idea how that brings a HUGE smile to my face! THANK YOU!

  28. FAHAD Says:

    Abrar: My sincerest apologies. I’m just trying to get you guys worked up before Futoor- building a healthy appetite :P

  29. Abrar Says:

    Saroona: I agree with you on every word you said! ;)

    Fahad: don’t apoligize! Your posts are awesome!!! ;D, and the food looks amazingly great!! :p

  30. RORO Says:

    hehe :$ sorry. It was the spur of the moment typa thing. you definitely deserve a mashallah :D

  31. Saroona Says:

    Oh,please.. Don’t thank me cuz the one who should thank you is me! I’m fasting here all alone and ur posts helped to create Ramadhan’s atmosphere within my soul:D

  32. Sindi Says:

    Fahad, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been 2 days and my mom feels so much better, and it’s an amazing sight to see! You really do make a difference with your blog, never doubt that!

  33. FAHAD Says:

    Saroona: El7imdilah ;D

  34. FAHAD Says:

    Sindi: El7mdilah! Thank you for the great news :)

  35. Fahad’s Ramadan Adventures Says:

    [...] for fast food have severely subsided. I only crave gourmet and homemade stuff like Cocoa Room and traditional Kuwaiti [...]

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