Al Marai Lite & No Sugar Added Creme Caramel


Let me point out that I haven’t discovered this low calorie delicious snack. poach blogged about it a while back, help and I’m here to tell you guys that Fahad Approves this. Before you click away to another post, kindly read my analysis below.

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Calories 62

Protein 3.4 grams

Fat 1.3 grams

Net Carbohydrates 5.6 grams

Fiber 3.8 grams


Surprisingly and fortunately YES! Check out the ingredients and I’ll tell you how:


Ingredient #1: Partially Skimmed Fresh Cow’s Milk

Ingredient #2: Polydextrose- an artificial sweetener that’s also an artificial source of fiber.

The rest of the ingredients don’t hurt, except for the Caramel coloring which could cause allergies to some individuals. It’s the same coloring used in carbonated drinks such as Coke and Pepsi.

This stuff’s sweetened with Sucralose- specifically Splenda. No Aspartame here!

Lastly, Al Marai don’t punk us by stuffing this dessert with fat. The main ingredient is FRESH COW’S MILK, and they’ve managed to add some Vitamin D.


  • No Added Sugar. Net carbohydrates are naturally occurring from the milk.
  • No Added Fat. The minimal grams are naturally occurring from the milk.
  • Contains a good amount of fiber.
  • Sweetened with a trusted artificial sweetener.
  • VERY LOW CALORIE! Consuming 3 would only set you back 186 calories, which is nothing!

Fahad’s Recipe Suggestion

In a bowl, mix 1-2 scoops of Vanilla Whey protein and 1-2 containers of Al Marai’s Creme Caramel. Instant high protein Creme Caramel!

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  1. Danderma Says:

    Hatha 9adeqee min zman, Danderma approved :p

  2. mimi Says:

    Yummy i love it but i can’t buy too much of it .. it expires so quickly ! i wonder why.

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