A Few More Days


I’ve been MIA for a few days due to work and late night prayers (Jyam). Unfortunately we’re almost at an end, this putting us back to our normal lives. Oh how I absolutely LOVE this month where the entire Muslim world is united under one sole purpose.


Fasting’s still great, information pills and fasted training only gets better. I’m sure or at least HOPE many of you can concur to that. Through experimentation, I realized that fasting optimized a lot of things, including the ability to indulge every single day without the risk of adding unwanted body fat. Seriously- I’m eating whatever I want at Futoor without thinking twice, with the inclusion of dessert.

AYMSTRONG’S Fitness Session

Immediately after AYMSTRONG’S intense fitness session, I bought a few Mega Big Macs for Suhoor- with fries of course. And ice cream. And my sister’s Kinder cookies. There’s more, but I’ll stop there. Point is, fasting and fasted training’s doing wonders.

The next day my mom prepped an amazing Futoor (pictures below) and my brother got us the best Basboosa I have ever tasted IN MY LIFE! For the sake of not disappointing them, I indulged.






That’s a blurry picture of yours truly munching on cream cheese samobosas


28 Responses to “A Few More Days”

  1. yesmoon Says:

    teheheh your howdy ho photo made me giggle
    tislam eed el walda- 3alaikom bel 3afya!

  2. Yoyodieter Says:

    Basbooooooooooosa  huba huba LOL

  3. ABR Says:

    RIP basboosa :’(

    3laikom bel3afia :D

  4. OLDFriend Says:

    How long are you sleeping daily to able to do the fasted workout ? I know you think fasted workouts are gangsta… but are you suggesting your old point of view was completely wrong ?

  5. AlSubah Says:

    Shawagtni 3al basboosa! Yabela wallah menziman ma kalait-ha.

    3alaikom ebalf 3afya!

  6. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    3alaik balf 3afya oo yislam eed ilwalda… ;) u know i guess ur right, the last two weeks of ramadan i ruined my diet and have been eating anything i desire… To be honest i didn’t expect not to gain any weight because i have been eating believe me… but next week before eid im gonna check my BF %, im praying i haven’t increased… Rmethan oo bi5ale9 oo bnirja3 ley idiet illy ythayeg il5lg oo tamreen bwagt 5ayes, allah yaster… :P Thnxxx for ur input on fasted training its been alot of help and it was amazing…

  7. Sahar Says:

    Loved the presentation and variety :) and nice of you to indulge just for the sake of “not disappointing” them :) sa7tein :) enjoy the last days before life goes back to the diet routine :)

  8. mimi Says:

    LoL !! The basboosa looked like it was attacked by the basboosa monster .. Bel3afya 3alekom w allah ya36ee el mom alf 3afya

  9. O Says:

    Sahtein Fadad! :)
    And btw, it was nice meeting 2 days back at the gym.

  10. expatandthecity Says:

    Holly Cow that looks delicious!

    Attention Fahad’s Mama: Please adopt me! I’m starving now.

  11. expatandthecity Says:

    Oops Holy not Holly! See what pictures of good food does to my brain? ;)

  12. Helal504 Says:

    To be honest I was resisting not to enter this post while im fasting but now I did!
    Teslam el ayadi, thats all I can say right now lol

  13. Lara Says:

    Looks Delicious!!!
    Thanks for sharing your Iftar table with us !!! So where can we get the best Basboosa in town ?

  14. Ahmad Says:

    Comic baloon FTW !

  15. Bo bader Says:

    والله إنك حبيب يافهد

  16. 7aneen Says:

    tears!! tears!! Aby atfa6ar 3indikum but most importantly IL BASBOOMA MIN WAIN and why does it look like the hugest plate I have ever seen. No seriously I might not sleep at night plz tell us where the basboosa is from.

  17. FAHAD Says:

    yesmoon: Allah E3afeech!

  18. FAHAD Says:

    All: The basboosa is from a place called TRY ME. I think it’s a home-based business.

  19. FAHAD Says:

    OLDFriend: I’m not suggesting anything’s wrong. There are multiple right ways, this being one of them.
    In regards to sleep, it depends. Sometimes I get a full 8-9 hours and other times I’d get the same amount but split in two (at night and before fasted training). I only take afternoon naps in Ramadan, which aren’t really naps since I’m sleeping a minimum of 3 hours.

  20. FAHAD Says:

    AlSubah: Allah E3afeek :)

  21. FAHAD Says:

    Bo-Ya3gooob: Emwafag :)

  22. FAHAD Says:

    Sahar: 3ala galbich thank you! Thank God my mom loves variety! I’m never picky with food and consider myself very adventurous thanks to her :)

  23. FAHAD Says:

    mimi: Allah e3afeech! I attacked it :P

  24. FAHAD Says:

    O: 3ala galbik thanks bro! The pleasure’s all mine :)

  25. FAHAD Says:

    expatandthecity: Kuwaitis dine in “heavy” style :P

  26. FAHAD Says:

    Bo bader: Barak Allah feek 3ala hal kalam yal ghali :) Min fathil rab el 3alameen!

  27. Abdulrahman Says:

    Hi fahad .. Please pleaaaaase I need the number or the place to get the basbousa from .. I’ve been craving a good one for ages :)

  28. DKY Says:

    To all who asked about the Basboosa ;)

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