Ramadan Dieting for Fat Loss

If fat loss is what you seek in Ramadan, find then lets commence Project: Ramadan is Awesome.

Before Futoor

  • Wake up early. Not too early, purchase but early enough to experience the fast. Remember: fasting for 16 hours does not cause your body to go into starvation mode. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: STARVATION MODE IS A THEORY! It was never proven. If it did exist, then those poor children in Africa wouldn’t look like walking skeletons.
  • Experience the fast. Want to lose an optimal amount of fat? SUFFER! In the first 16 hours, your body will not dig through muscle stores- it’ll resort to fat stores for energy. It’ll be hard the first few days, but your body will adapt.
  • 30-60 minutes prior to futoor or your first feeding, try to get 30-60 minutes of moderate paced walking. Don’t go all out so that you won’t risk dehydration. In addition, too much intensity will work up an appetite- something that you do not need feeding time.
  • Weight-lifting without water or any source of muscle-sparing nutrient before futoor is counterproductive. If you could care less about muscle mass then go ahead and GYM IT. If you do care about muscle mass, stick to the first rule.

Futoor: It’s Feeding Time

  • At 6:40 pm (or 6:55 pm if you’re a Shiite), drink 2-3 glasses of water then go pray. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Nothing will reign on your appetite as much as this. I’m serious guys- THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT RULE!
  • After 5-10 minutes of praying Al Maghrib, start your meal with one of the options below:

- Option 1: 125ml of Skimmed Liban + 3 Dates (not a fan of Liban? Skip it and eat 5 dates instead of 3).

- Option 2: Bowl of nonfat (non-creamy) soup, preferably lentil or vegetable soup (including tomato soup). Tashreeba is perfectly fine, as long as its not swimming in oil.

  • The options above should serve to shut your appetite even more.
  • Main entree- roughly a few minutes after the appetizers above:

- Option 1: A little bit of everything, or in Kuwaiti “tinignig”. Have a piece of sambas, a piece of kuba, a small portion of rice, a small portion of harees, and a small portion of protein. I know many of you (especially females) prefer this method of eating. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Remember: “tinignig” (a little bit of everything) and not “kafkh” (pig out).

- Option 2: A protein source (lean chicken, fish or red meat), a carb source (rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, harees or yireesh) and A LOT OF VEGGIES.

Post Meal Damage Control

  • Prep this 30 minutes prior to Futoor and drink it hot immediately after eating: White Tea, Ginger Tea and Peppermint. Basically, any tea that will aid in digestion. You may also include Sage (maramiya) and Thyme (Za’atar).


  • Ramadan isn’t complete without dessert, but it can also ruin your fat loss plan if you don’t follow these rules.
  • Enjoy (not gorge) whatever you want 4-5 hours AFTER Futoor. Don’t indulge immediately after Futoor please..
  • Keep dessert calories under 500. Futoor calories should be around 500-600. 500 calories of dessert is A LOT, but don’t worry- Suhoor’s going to be strict, beneficial and most importantly tasty.
  • Drink a second serving of the tea mixture I posted above (White, Ginger, Peppermint, Sage and Thyme Tea)


  • The goal of Suhoor is to eat something that will energize you throughout the fasting phase of 16 hours. This is essential if you want to keep energy levels up without suffering from severe energy crashes. What I’m about to suggest has been posted a while back:

- Mix ingredients together: 1-cup of nonfat yogurt (preferably nonfat Greek), 1-cup of berries (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries- choose one or a combination of all, but limit to 1-cup), 15 raw Walnuts, Pistachios or Almonds (or a mix of all) and 2 teaspoons of Natureland Mountain Honey.

  • What’s so great about this mix? It provides a long-lasting protein source (the casein protein found in yogurt), fiber to aid in digestion and keep your stomachs satiated (berries and the nuts), a fat source to slow down nutrient digestion (nuts) and an energy source derived from mother nature’s back yard (the raw honey).

Additional Exercise

Couldn’t exercise before Futoor? No biggie- do it after; preferably 2-3 hours after Futoor or 2-3 hours after dessert.


EVERYONE regardless of height and weight should drink no less than 2.5 liters of water per day! You’ve got only 8 hours to eat and drink- no optimal water intake means no optimal fat loss!


If your goal is to lose fat in Ramadan, please drop a comment. I’ll be more than happy to customize a meal plan for you provided that you detail what you like to eat at Futoor, dessert and Suhoor.

If your goal is anything other than fat loss, kindly wait for other posts that pertain to your health and fitness goals.

223 Responses to “Ramadan Dieting for Fat Loss”

  1. essa k alessa Says:

    What are Snacks allowed in between Futtor and Suhoor and are they a must instead of 2 main meals.

  2. Annonymous Says:

    Random question but do antibiotics cause weight gain?

  3. Syed Says:

    Fahad, I was waiting for this but last time your diet plan did wonders, I can see there are lot of changes here. I was able to loose 10+ kg of fat and my physical appearance was completely changed but the noor of my face vanished, i believe that was because i was missing the KFC bucket, lol.
    my plan last year was as follows:
    suhoor – 300 ml of skimmed laban, that’s it.

    after asr salah – 1 hr medium intensity cardio – 20 minutes, treadmill, 20 minutes eleptical, 20 minutes inclined stationary bike, 20 minutes push-ups and some aerobic.

    futoor – 3 dates and 300 ml of low-fat laban.
    after taraweeh – 1 shish tawookh.
    after 1 hr – 1 apple.
    of course water whenever i got a chance.

    You remember i had asked if I will faint or die during the cardio and you had told that nothing will happen, alhamdulillah nothing happened. i’m writing this email, lol.

    shall i follow the same plan because i was bit comfortable with that.

  4. The Expatess Says:

    Thank you so much, Fahad. I used your diet plan for Ramadan last year and it was great. I’m so glad this time around you have your own site! Keep up the good work and thank you again for helping Kuwait be healthier.

    Happy Ramadan.

  5. Dina Says:

    do you approve ma7albiya for su7oor instead of yogurt? & how many kilos do you think i would lose if i followed this somewhat diet plan?
    this is perfect, thank you.

  6. Syed Says:

    i think the skimmed laban was in futoor and low fat laban was in suhoor.

  7. someone Says:

    At 6:40 pm (or 6:55 pm if you’re a( Shiite), drink 2/ LOOL u gonna be in big trouble if they know ;-P

  8. Yours Truly Says:

    This is just great Fahad.


    1- In the second option of main entree, how much rice are we talking about? (please mention the weight of cooked rice)

    2- Where can I find skimmed laban? any brand/place?

    3- Can I enjoy vimto (mixed with stevia) with my suhoor? If yes how much?

  9. Danderma Says:

    I might be the only one in Kuwait who doesn’t gain weight during Ramadan.

    During futoor I drink 2 glasses of water + a small bowl of vegeterian zero fat soup + 3 baked samboosa made with low fat cheese.

    Maybe if I am bored I will have fattouch with grilled bread, not fried.

    After two hours I have a tiny portion of lightest home made low fat bowl of m7albiya with tea or coffee and pinapple slices. More water. Here is the recipe http://www.danderma.co/?p=5070

    at 12 or 1 am I have darabeel with milk, or corn flakes and milk, or a pinkberry parfait, water of course, o m3a el salama :D

    I don’t gain anything… maybe I lose 2 3 kilos bs :)

  10. Yours Truly Says:

    *I meant vimto with Futoor

  11. Yours Truly Says:

    I also love yereesh very much. How much can I have of it if its the only thing I have as a main entree (wieght pleasei

  12. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Fahad at Futoor instead of drinking water only and going to pray, can we add dates also..? because i prefer to break my fast starting with dates…

    Awesome post Fahad, what would we do without you… ;) Ramadhan Kareem EVERYONE… :)

  13. FAHAD Says:

    essa k alessa: eating 3-4 meals is ideal if you plan on snacking. It minimizes the junk calories per snack if you plan on eating something high in fat or sugar. What do you have in mind?

  14. FAHAD Says:

    Annonymous: Yes, but not in the form of fat. Antibiotics cause water retention, which is temporary.

  15. FAHAD Says:

    Syed: If that plan made you lose 10kg then please don’t change it :) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  16. FAHAD Says:

    The Expatess: I’m glad! Thank you for your kind words! :)

  17. FAHAD Says:

    Dina: I don’t approve, but I do approve it as a dessert snack in between futoor and suhoor. I cannot predict how many kg anyone will lose. Everybody’s different.

  18. FAHAD Says:

    Bo-Ya3gooob: You may add dates with the water, but don’t eat dates again when you come back from praying.

    And Ramadhan Kareem!

  19. FAHAD Says:

    Yours Truly: Everybody makes yireesh differently, but on average 1-cup would do. If it’s WAY too light, then add 1/2 a cup.

  20. FAHAD Says:

    Danderma: Bil 3afia! Your plan looks solid, but eat the m7albiya after 4 hours. Spread out all meals and snacks 4 hours apart and you’ll see weight-loss nsha’Allah :)

  21. FAHAD Says:

    Yours Truly:
    1- 1 cup of rice, yireesh or harees.
    2- Any co-op. It’s available everywhere.
    3- Vimto is already loaded with high fructose corn syrup. NO VIMTO!

  22. FAHAD Says:

    someone: LOL I didn’t offend anyone! I was being serious!

  23. Sima Says:

    This is just amazing. Thanks Fahad. But the problem that I came across before I found you lol is that I would stuff my face like no other and then for Suhoor I wouldn’t have the appetite to eat anything. And so I wouldn’t. But now I know what to do, thanks to you :)

  24. Yours Truly Says:

    Fahad I want to know the weight of rice plz I don’t do cups :( digital scale is my friend. If I’m getting rice from a qancha I will weigh it not put it in a cup :(

  25. a Says:

    I’m a fitness fanatic now and I was thinking of sticking to my dieting during the month of ramadhan. But my question is, is it better to workout before or after futoor? Because Sayd (above) works out after athan il3a9er. Thanks!

  26. Project: Ramadan is Awesome - 2:48AM Says:

    [...] interested to lose weight (or not gain weight) then it’s worth a read. Here is the [Link] Jul 7, [...]

  27. Hessa Says:

    Hii i liked wt u said but i like to break my fast with dates not 2-3 cups of water, and i love milk and i was planning to walk for an hour before fe6or then eat dates n soup go to gym then eat because i need to lose around 12kg but am on diet now and am losing so wt do u thing n suggest

  28. buzfairy Says:

    This is a great post… I noticed that I have gained a lot of weight in the past 4-5 months, and I do feel like I need to get them down. Then some more.

    I usually just have soup and sambousa for fe6oor, and maybe tashreeba like 3-4 times a week. But I drink a lot of vimto, 2-3 glasses. I think this is my hugest problem.

    The eating\drinking period is very short, we won’t have time to digest fe6oor before we eat dessert or so7oor.

    Thanks for a great post. I’m going to try to follow a few tips :)

  29. Sindi Says:

    This is great! My family gorges during f6oor so I guess I’m gonna have to prepare my own food -.- Which brand of soup do you suggest? Because I know that the ones they cook is full of cream and pure evil.

    Also- I’m currently on a keto diet, which helped me drop 4 kg, would it be alright to still follow it during Ramadan or do you think mixing it up and following this new plan is healthier?

    Thanks again!

  30. Annonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot fahad appreciate it! Just the explanation I needed :D

  31. Ahmad Says:

    Hi Sir, with all due respect, idk what are you thinking. All these carbs and sugar gonna boost your insulin so bad .. idk if you want that to happen all night (i mean from fotoor al the way to sohoor) ?

  32. M Says:

    Thanks for the amazing suggestions and post! I wanted to ask, are تمر خلاص ok? (They’re the ones in the vacuum packs). Thank you!

  33. Twaif Says:

    Can we skip appataizar and eat small portion of dessert after futoor? And Skipping the dessert after 5 hours

  34. FAHAD Says:

    Sima: Now you have no excuse ;) Good luck!

  35. FAHAD Says:

    Yours Truly: Tara bathbi7ich :P 150 grams of cooked rice :)

  36. FAHAD Says:

    a: Your workout period depends on your goal. Cardio pre-futoor is good to burn stored fat, but don’t go too intense or else your body will dig through muscle stores. Post-futoor is ideal for weight-lifting.

  37. FAHAD Says:

    Hessa: Walk before futoor, drink 2-3 cups of water plus 5 dates and soup at futoor then hit the hit 30-60 minutes later.

  38. FAHAD Says:

    buzfairy: Thank you! Great to have you here :)
    First, ditch the Vimto. Useless empty sugar calories.
    Second, keep futoor light in order to enhance digestion.
    Third, space out your meals 4 hours apart. Trust me- you will have time :)

  39. FAHAD Says:

    Sindi: Common mistake when approaching suhoor, hence the 2-3 glasses of water at futoor to cap your appetite before you do the damage.
    In regards to soup, anything that’s nonfat and high in fiber, such as vegetable soup or lentil soup.

    Keto’s good and will work wonders in Ramadan. However, I suggest you add 3 dates at futoor, then keep the rest of your meals absolutely carb-free.

  40. FAHAD Says:

    Annonymous: Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind :)

  41. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmad: Blood sugar levels will be in control. Unless you’re a diabetic, it’s all about glycemic load and not glycemic index. Lastly, all meals are properly balanced, providing enough protein, carbohydrates and fats.

  42. FAHAD Says:

    M: That’s what I consume :) , but keep in mind they are higher in sugar calories than the rest. I suggest you eat no more than 3 just to counteract the Liban’s sour taste.

  43. FAHAD Says:

    Twaif: You may do so, but make sure you drink a lot of water prior to indulging. It’ll keep your sugar cravings under control. If you’re hungry 4-5 hours later, I suggest you consume some lentil soup with a salad dressed in vinegar & lemon.

  44. Naser Says:

    Fahad what if my plan is to gain muscle ( probably not much gain) and lose fat? Would you post something about it?

  45. FAHAD Says:

    Naser: Did you read the last paragraph? :P
    No worries bro, I’ll tackle that too within a few days. Maybe tomorrow if I have the time, but I will definitely tackle muscle-building very soon. Stay tuned!

  46. Buwalad.DDS Says:

    Fahad what about weight lifting? When is the best time to do it? Cause usually after futoor the gym rats start crawling in and it gets insanely packed :/

  47. FAHAD Says:

    Buwalad.DDS: Never weight-lift on an empty stomach. The only time you can weight-lift without food is if you have an ample supply of amino acids in your system, such as branched chained amino acids. Unfortunately, you have to join the rest of us when it comes to weight-lifting.

    You can weight-lift at futoor if you want. I’ll be including that protocol in my next post.

  48. Yours Truly Says:

    Fahad LoL E jawib my Q from the beginning Ana aby weight mo cup! :P thank you very very much bro ma 3alaih I know I can get anal sometimes with my Qs bas walla you dont know how much I admire everything about you walla mashalla 3alaik you are my idol! I love you just like I love my younger brother wallah (*-*) and I dedicate my lost 12 KGs to you :D

  49. G Says:

    I just wanted to ask where can I find the nonfat greek yogurt, since I dont like the Almari yogurt… Thanks a lot for the post!!

  50. Slim Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    I have heard a lot about you and core fitness and hence am approaching you.

    I want to loose fat a lot of it in 3 months and at the same time gain a slightly macular body.

    The 3 month target is since I have an important event to attend and I am using it as an excuse to convince my long delayed goal of getting and keeping myself fit especially having a flat tummy.

    Do you have any program that can suit me by being reasonable on pocket?

    Though I can control I wouldn’t want to go on a full diet.

    Will be waiting for a response.

    Best Regards,

  51. Rawan Says:

    Hey, thanks for providing as such nice information of how to loss weight.
    In ramadan i have tl go to collegw from 9 am and then coming back which will makes me feel to hangry and will die to eat.
    Am over weight and i like to loss weight this ramadan please can you help me doing this

  52. SH Says:

    Fahad , I’ve already started fasting and guess what past 2 days I fasted on greek yoghurt, pomegranate and raw honey. It lasted me the whole day. And I have been following something similar to what you said for futoor and I feel more energetic :) than when im bingeing at futoor. My lethargy during ramadhan comes from bingeing.

  53. Lolome Says:

    Thanks for that helpfull post
    Guess i ll try to fallow ur plan and ill see if its help full or not
    By the way after 2-3 hrs after futor is the best time for the gym right ?! So wich kind of sport do suggest cardio or gym class ?! Or just walking

  54. faisal Says:

    hi fahad, well my case is very difficult to manage. i’ll be in boston for ramadan, and the maghreb athan is @ 9:30…and the fayer is @ 2:45. My goal is to keep muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. I need help

  55. SH Says:


    I would like to lose fat, build muscle. What kind of plan would I need to follow in order to do that.

    Thanks a lot dude… :)

  56. khalid Says:

    thanks fahad! i will be continuing what u recommenced to me 1,500 calories a day. and hopefully after ramadan im at %9 bf or less. but the thing is the food won’t be the same, right now im eating oats, egg whites, yogurt etc.. cuz its easier to count the calories!! in ramdaan i have no idea how many calories the food has!! HELP.

  57. Teko Says:

    Hi :D this looks like an awesome plan!

    A few questions though, what if you don’t like dates? And what if you are a pepsi/coke-aholic (and usually drink two to three bottles a day)
    What if your family thinks of futoor as a lunch and dinner combined and cook rice all the time (michabees, biryani, mu6abag, maglooba) which you don’t even eat…(making you resort to stuffing your face with all the other fried stuff)
    I’m a fan of fruits (except for mangos and melons), but not of many vegetables (no peas, corn, beans of all kind, lentil, chickpeas, eggplants, zucchini, leaf vegetables -except for lettuce and cabbage- or celery) not even/especially the pickled stuff.
    I’m not a fan of traditional sweets, at all (thus my inhuman consumption of pepsi/coke) and I get dizzy without the sugar, can I fit chocolate there somewhere?
    How about whole grain cereal for suhoor? if it’s okay, then in which quantity?
    what if you don’t like any types of nuts?
    If I leave something out, can I have low-fat yogurt instead of nonfat? It’s what I usually eat. (Nonfat tastes like cloudy water)
    Yes I’m over-weight because despite how picky with food I am, I eat everything that has potato or cheese stamped on it, and consume enough bread to starve a household.

    I’m sorry for this insane comment :X

  58. Hebah Says:

    Amazing repot.

    Plzz we need help in the uk, we start fasting just before 4 am and break it at 9 pm. Do u think your plan will work?? Baring that i sleep at 1 or 2 pm! If not, would you suggest an alternative!??
    I eat wh/m pasta, soup, minni pizza, no dessert only cooked oat with milk and honey.

    I dont want to lose fat or anything, just not to add extras.


  59. FAHAD Says:

    Yours Truly: I’m kidding around I swear :p feel free to annoy ;D

  60. FAHAD Says:

    G: Lulu Hypermarket. It’s called TOTAL Fage 0% Greek Yogurt.

  61. FAHAD Says:

    Slim: you want to join Core or help you out here?

  62. FAHAD Says:

    Rawan: Just follow this plan and you’ll do just fine nsha’Allah.

  63. FAHAD Says:

    SH: Thanks for proving my point! :)

  64. FAHAD Says:

    Lolome: Walk before futoor, then go to the gym and perform weight-lifting or any resistance training class. You can workout as early as 1 hour after futoor.

  65. FAHAD Says:

    faisal: It can be done, but you’ll need to do this

    9pm – 10pm: WORKOUT with only 10 grams of BCAA’s in your stomach.

    10 pm: 50% of your total calorie intake

    12:30: 10g of BCAA’s

    2 am: 50% of your total calorie intake

    You’ll be eating all your calories in only two meals. Trust me- you’ll maintain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

  66. FAHAD Says:

    SH: Will be posting about muscle building / fat burning in Ramadan soon :)

  67. FAHAD Says:

    Teko: Thanks!
    1) You don’t need to eat dates, and pepsi or coke won’t do. I propose you cut them out completely.
    2) Whatever your family eats won’t end up in your stomach. If they can’t control themselves, then it’s up to them. You’ll need to abide by this plan if you want to lose weight.
    3) Instead of dates, break your fast with water and 1 fruit.
    4) Cereal is not allowed at suhoor, unless it’s All-Bran Plus OR All-Bran Buds.
    5) You may have low fat yogurt

    Lastly, stop being so PICKY! You’re overweight because of this! I’m sorry for saying this, but it seems to me like your trying to make endless excuses for yourself.

  68. Slim Says:

    Fahad: want to join core

  69. FAHAD Says:

    Hebah: this plan works. You’ll be eating 3 meals:

    9pm – Futoor

    12:30 – Light Snack

    3:30 – Suhoor

  70. AMJ Says:

    Ok iv been on ur 1000 calories plan for females for a while now and im scared of ramadan .. Im so used to an exact meal plan so i really get confused when u give us so many choices .. Is it possible that u make a diet plan for ramadan like the 1000 calorie one u made earlier .. I promise to abide by it 200% *raises hand*

    P.s. U. Are. 3ajeeb. *3abra*

  71. Hnhn Says:

    Wow! It’s really an amazing plan, would it work for a breastfeeding mama? My aim is to loose 10 kilos but I don’t think a month would make wonders bs hopefully it will :)
    Ya36eek il3afya all ur posts are really helpful.

  72. faisal Says:

    appreciate it, thanks man!

  73. Mohammad Al Fahad Says:

    dairy + fruits + Dessert ( even tingng ) for someone looking to lose fat ?!?

    I think its not a good idea

    and dont add fat even healthy fats ( nuts ) to your diet when your trying to lose fat , the healthy fats come in handy when your already lean but if not dont add them

  74. Ana Says:

    Thats amazing Fahad god bless you, can you adjust this plan to an overweight pregnant lady pleeeeease , i cant gain any more weight specialy in ramadan so ill appreciate your help and ill pray for you ;)

  75. khalid Says:

    Mohammad Al Fahad: sorry man but this is bro science right there!

  76. khalid Says:

    fahad i know ur busy but why didn’t u reply to me, ONLY! :\ i need help with 1,500 calories aday? have no idea …

  77. Mishari Says:


    Is there an alternative to suhoor? It can get boring very quickly eating the same thing every night.

  78. Teko Says:

    Cool, I’m writing all this down to make sure I have a clear idea of what to do.

    It’s completely alright! I don’t take it to heart that I’m so picky, it helped me lose 24KG while on a strict self-made diet, and I’ve been slowly gaining these kilos back these past three years.

    The thing with ramadan, is that in the weekends you go over to grandparents houses for futoor, and the rest of the week, seperate aunts and uncles invite you over to their houses for futoor ,and that’s really when you lose control over what’s available to eat and what isn’t (being picky helps again here).

    There’re only so many people who’d accept the fact you’re bringing your own food with you without feeling insluted. :P

    I know rice is one cup for the main meal in futoor, but what about pasta, potatoes (baked for instance), bread and (please don’t shoot me) noodles?

  79. Post pregnancy Says:

    I gave birth 3 weeks ago. So when Ramadan starts I will be 6 weeks pp and I can start this diet. but I was wondering can I also add African mango diet pills ? Or will it be too much?

  80. L Says:

    Hello Fahad,

    How are you? I was wondering can you please help me with a diet plan? I left e-mail i’d really love to hear from you. I want to lose to weight, I’ve been trying to for so long but for some reason it’s been really hard.

    Thank you.

  81. Kuwait Music Says:

    Hmm, very comprehensive- May actually try it!

  82. Soos Says:

    Any advice for people who fast in the us or Europe ? Fu6oor is around 10/11 pm :p

  83. FAHAD Says:

    AMJ: gimme your favorite Ramadan meals and I’ll portion them out :)

  84. FAHAD Says:

    Hnhn: yes this will work for you :)

  85. FAHAD Says:

    Mohammed Al Fahad: not everyone’s a weight-lifter bro. This plan is designed for normal people who perform minimal physical activity and don’t diet as hard as we do.

  86. FAHAD Says:

    Ana: sure! But I’ll need you to provide me with details, such as the foods you like to eat in Ramadan,

  87. FAHAD Says:

    khalid: my bad! I’m replying via iPhone, so I might miss a few comments. Would you mind repeating your question?

  88. FAHAD Says:

    1) lean red meat with loads of fibrous veggies.
    2) 6 oz chicken breast, 1/2-cup beans or legumes, veggies and 2 tsps of olive oil.
    3) 200 grams of Al Wafra Fat Free Labneh mixed with 1-cup of beans or legumes & green veggies.

  89. FAHAD Says:

    Teko: keep cooked carbs to 1-cup per serving.
    Dude, screw all the nagging you get from your family. This is your health! If they see it as disrespect then that’s their problem. You’re just trying to make sure you live a long healthy disease free life.

  90. FAHAD Says:

    Post Pregnancy: wait after Ramadan. Too early to add supplementation.

  91. FAHAD Says:

    L: Hey! I’m great thank you!

    I haven’t been replying to emails because of my busy schedule. If you need anything please post it here and I’ll be more than glad to help.

  92. FAHAD Says:

    Soos: what time’s suhoor?

  93. X Says:

    what about bulking up in Ramadan ?:D

  94. khalid Says:

    np bro! right now im eating oats, egg whites, yogurt etc.. cuz its easier to count the calories!! in ramdaan i have no idea how many calories the food has!! and i want to stay on the 1,500 calories a day, what should i do?? and i have no problem with making my own food. thx.

  95. HeartBeat Says:

    Starvation Mode

    I am not disagreeing with you and it might be just a theory but regarding the African kids the logical answer is that these people have gone beyond starvation mode to a level where the body had to consume fat and muscles in addition they never built any muscle or fat in the first place. May be it’s logic to say that starvation mode start working within 6 hours maybe but when such a period continue the body stops storing fat and start consuming them along with muscles to survive.

  96. PleasereadFAHAD Says:

    Thank you Fahad. You are really helping many people out. This shows the type of person you are.

  97. Ahmad Says:

    Great Job Mashalaah, first i want to thank you for all this infomation. my goal this year is to get rid of those “love handles” or the extra fat that hangs out. im an athlete, i dont have any problems going for a walk or the gym lefting weights before Fotor. my only problem is im lil’ picky when it comes to food, i dont like seafood at all. im a big fan of italian food (pasta of all kind).
    Thank you again for your time

  98. tswizl Says:

    let’s say I’m around 67kg and 165cm female how much do you think I’ll lose based on this precise diet

  99. AmonA Says:

    Hi Fahad, thx for the tips. what if I recently had my baby & I’m feeding. Sure I need to lose wieght but would this apply to me without affecting my littel one? what would you recommend?

  100. Ramadan Dieting for Muscle Says:

    [...] burning a few kilos of fat, then this post is for you. I’d also like to add the last post (Ramadan Dieting for Fat Loss) is for those who live an average life- not athletes, weight-lifters, bodybuilders, active fitness [...]

  101. FAHAD Says:

    X: Just posted!

  102. FAHAD Says:

    khalid: Try to be more detailed. I need to know EXACTLY what you are currently consuming.

  103. FAHAD Says:

    HeartBeat: the body doesn’t choose what it consumes. It’ll consume everything to survive, not only muscle.

  104. FAHAD Says:

    PleasereadFAHAD: Thank you :)

  105. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmad: I just posted Ramadan Dieting for Muscle. That pertains to you more. Read it and get back to me :)

  106. FAHAD Says:

    tswizl: I don’t know. How much you lose depends on so many factors, including ones that I cannot pinpoint exactly (such as how fast your metabolism operates).

  107. FAHAD Says:

    AmonA: You can control calories, but you’ll also need to watch food content. Since you’re currently feeding, you’ll need to eat very nutritious food.

  108. T Says:

    what excersizes do you consider most fat burning? and how much of each?

  109. FAHAD Says:

    T: Apart from a proper diet plan, a combination of weight-lifting and cardio will burn the most fat.

  110. Ana Says:

    Well i dont have the option to cook maybe just oven chicken, the rest will be whatsoever on table like soups, samboosa, rice and marag, tashreb, and my fav harees, usually i eat a little at futoor then after an hour or so i complete my meal, and the sweets are lgaimat mostly

  111. her Says:

    as usual AMAZING post :) thank you so much

  112. Zahra Says:

    What about fruits? do we have those during the snack time?

  113. FAHAD Says:

    her: Thank you! :)

  114. Ashraf Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    gr8 post. can you please suggest something else for Suhoor? something more Indian actually :/

    i used to workout a while ago. but then couldnt get back to the gym once i came back from my vacation. now i feel like my stomach is bulging out..

    and yeah i normally have optimum nutrition whey proteins sometimes.. can i include it in the ramadan is awesome diet?

    any suggestions?

  115. Ashraf Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    i just wanted to add…

    is it ok if i decide on going to the gym for weight lifting by 9pm? do i need to eat something prior to this?

    my weight is 65kg and height 5ft 7″.. im not sure i need to lose weight.. but i want to loose the tummy.. it’s becoming embarrising now :( sad there’s nothing called spot reduction…

  116. salah Says:

    I’m doing the Insanity program and i will be entering my 2nd month during ramadan, if you’re not familiar with insanity, just youtube or google it. when is the right time to do my workout? what should i eat?
    a little bit off topic :P .. when i do my insanity workout i get really tired! and feel weak, i do eat at least 2 major meals a day, is there something wrong im doing? or this is normal due to the intensity of the workout?

    thanks a lot man!!

  117. Omar Says:

    Great post Fahad!

    Just wanted to ask if one can have tea with milk and sugar and / or coffee with Suhoor and Futoor?

    Also, regarding the tea combination (White, Ginger and Peppermint), can I skip that and replace it with normal green tea?

  118. FAHAD Says:

    Zahra: Fruits are a lot better than dessert as a snack.

  119. FAHAD Says:

    Ashraf: Since I’m not Indian, would you mind throwing a few suggestions my way? Try to include ingredients so that I may critique properly.
    You may include protein shakes into your plan. Show me what you plan on doing and I’ll tweak your Ramadan lifestyle.

  120. FAHAD Says:

    Ashraf: my bad, just saw your follow-up comment. Yes, you may go at 9pm and no food is needed prior. Futoor will be fueling you for a good 6-8 hours.
    Spot reduction exists my friend. You’ll just need to know how to do it.

  121. FAHAD Says:

    salah: I’m familiar with it :)
    1) What should you eat depends on what you want to eat. I’m here to help you guys with developing your own unique lifestyles, but I’m also here to shave off anything that doesn’t fit.
    2) You’re tired because you eat 2 large meals. 3-4 meals would fuel you better.

  122. FAHAD Says:

    Omar: Anything with tea or coffee is a disaster. Mixing tea/coffee, milk and sugar will set you up for high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.
    Green tea is perfectly fine, but white tea is better.

  123. Ashraf Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    thanks for the response.

    by Indian I just meant something more commonly available ;) you know we r everywhere..haha.

    well to be precise.. something with Tuna, chicken curry, lentils, meat balls with khubs (brown). basically day to day stuff.

    SPOT REDUCTIONS EXIST??? enlighten me…. i thought it was a myth…thats what the body building sites say…

    if you can suggest me sumthing…that’ll be gr8… i seriously dont wanna get my weight down and look all malnutritioned..

  124. Studying abroad Says:


    I like ur diet plan but I am currently studying in the UK where futor will be around 8:50 and suhur is around 4:00 am..

    When I cook at home I can follow option 2 for the main meal, but I would also like to have some of my meals in restaurants, what’s ur advise on that?

    I have already lost weight, I would love to lose a little more, but mainly maintain.

    Thanks :)

  125. Ali Says:

    Hi Fahad, I am 29 Years old Male, my weight is 121KG. I am planning to make a good and effective diet to loss fat as much as i can in coming ramadan. Please advice me with some diet plan and exercises that i can do at the gym. I don’t have a big belly but yes i do have a big love handles which is a big problem for me.

  126. Zaina Says:

    I love your post, especially since I blogged about this particular subject yesterday.


    In my recent blog, I was actually suggesting set meals that limit the amount of variety and grant sort of time line for the meal. In my head, it seems to work. What do you think?

  127. FAHAD Says:

    Ashraf: If you can combine chicken breasts, lentils and nonfat curry together, then you’ve got yourself one hell of a suhoor. Brown bread is out of the question. Just eat it with a spoon.
    This is how spot reduction works:
    - Muscle is metabolically active, which means it eats up calories.
    - Fat is not metabolically active, which means it just stays there doing nothing.
    - To the touch, muscle is hotter than fat. In order to spot reduce an area, you’ll need to “heat it up”.

    If you want to spot reduce your waist, buy a sauna belt from any pharmacy and wrap your midsection tightly- but not too tight. You’ll notice an increase in sweat in your midsection, which means your body is generating heat in that area. When it does that, you’re signaling your body to focus on where heat is generated the most.

    Same thing applies to sauna shorts if you’ve got problems with lower body fat.

  128. FAHAD Says:

    Studying abroad: you may have meals at restaurants, but I don’t know what you’ll be having or which restaurant you’ll be eating it. :)

  129. FAHAD Says:

    Ali: It’s good that you’ve chosen to do something about your weight :) . It looks like you’re new to my blog, so I’ll explain how things go:
    *Customizing a healthy lifestyle includes options that pertain to YOU. I cannot provide you with a diet plan if I don’t know what your lifestyle looks like, including:
    - Exercise preference
    - Food preference
    - Daily Routine

    Providing me with the details above would make my life so much easier.

  130. FAHAD Says:

    Zaina: awesome post!
    I don’t understand your second question. Would you kindly rephrase? Thanks :)

  131. Sal Says:

    Hi Fahad!

    Awesome blog and a great post!

    I’m currently following a low cal program (1200-1400) with circuit training and cardio workouts. I’ve managed to lose about 25 pounds in the last 4 months (slow but steady). My body seems to hold on to fat like dear life and I have to go extra miles to lose weight.

    But I’d like to speed things up the coming few months and will take advantage of Ramadan to do so. Inspired by your “Project: Ramadan is Awesome” I’ve made a few adjustments to fit into my lifestyle and current dietary needs. I’d like your feedback on the below for optimal weight loss.

    Before Futoor: Walk 60 minutes
    Futoor: 2 cups water + 3 dates + ½ cup skimmed laban; then go pray
    After prayer: Bowl of soup (lentil or tomato) + 2 crispbreads
    Taraweh prayer
    After Taraweh prayer: 50 minutes of circuit training
    After circuit training: 4 oz lean chicken/beef, 1 cup rice/pasta or bread, 1 cup of cooked veggies
    Dessert (1 hr following dinner): ½ cup low fat vanilla ice cream or a 100 calorie dessert
    Suhoor: 1 cup skimmed yogurt + 1 cup berries + ½ cup bran buds + 1 tbsp slivered almonds + 1 tbsp raw honey

    Thanks and keep up the amazing effort!

  132. Omar Says:

    Thanks for the update Fahad!

  133. Ali Says:

    Hi Fahad: My daily routine is same as for everyday through out the week except the Friday. Everyday my duty hours are from 7:00am – 3:00pm in which I take breakfast which is not fixed like sometimes I take boiled egg or sometimes fatayar…as a lunch regular food chicken, red meat or vegetables but all in gravy. And after Isha prayer mostly fast food. My daily routine ends up at 01:00am.
    I don’t go for gym everyday sometime 3 times a week sometime 2 time a week. And usually use treadmill, cycle and cross rider. Total for 1 hur

  134. DM Says:

    Great job in providing such detailed info. Your blog helps a lot of people….

  135. Ana Says:

    Dear Fahad , im still waiting for my pregnant plan hopenu didnt lose my comment ;)

  136. Approved Ramadan Snacks Says:

    [...] per what I’ve wrote here, you are allowed to indulge in Ramadanalicious dessert 4-5 hours after Futoor. Are all the options [...]

  137. FAHAD Says:

    Ana: I’m trying my best to answer all questions in the amount of time I have in my busy schedule :)

  138. FAHAD Says:

    DM: I truly hope so! And thank you :)

  139. Ashraf Says:

    Hi fahad,

    i was wondering why wasnt i getting email notifications of replies …

    thanks alot for the suggestion. I’m gonna skip bread from my eating schedule for Ramadan. i was never a rice fan.. i hardly eat rice once in a month..may be..

    i thought Sauna belts were a waste of time..
    but your theory make a lot of sense.. work a particular body part while other parts are at rest..that’s smart.
    i will give it a shot since you are suggesting..
    any idea of how long should i keep it on? and in ramadan is it safe to wear it while fasting?

    im touching 34 inches now.. where as i should be around 30-31 considering my body structure… :(

    it’s discouraging….

  140. Ashraf Says:

    another follow up comment…

    I’ve heard a lot of people emphasising on chicken breasts.. how is it better than the other chicken parts?

  141. Eman Says:

    Which do u suggest last years diet or this years? Or combination…I have 13kg left to lose

  142. FAHAD Says:

    Ashraf: what’s discouraging is doing nothing about your waistline. Use that discouragement for motivation. Once you practice consistency and discipline, results will start rolling in REAL FAST!

  143. FAHAD Says:

    Ashraf: Chicken breasts are low in fat (including saturated fat) and higher in protein that other parts.

  144. FAHAD Says:

    Eman: Go with what works for you best :)

  145. TheAbood Says:

    I’m not really a big fan of yogurt, what can I eat instead during suhoor? I love berries though :)

  146. Ryan Says:

    Hi Fahad
    Nice blog, I got here from 248am.
    I’m 16, 115 kg and 186cm/6’1
    And I intend to start my weight loss at ramadan with goin everyday to gym and swimming 3 days a week for 2 hours (9-11pm). So should I stick to this diet ? Will I be able to lose 10 kg in a month with this diet and exercise ?
    And when you said experience the fast, for how long should I be awake before futoor ?
    Sorry if this was too much ..

  147. T Says:

    Thanks for ur marvelous diet plan ! However I’m pregnant and will be in my last month, what do u recommend a stable diet plan if I could fast inshalla !



    [...] we already tackled calorie intake (here and here), nutrition (here, here and here) and workout timing, now we’re going to tackle how [...]

  149. Sal Says:

    Waiting “patiently” for your reply to my previous comment and crossing fingers that you’ll get to it in your busy schedule :D But just in case my comment got lost in the above, here’s the schedule I plan to follow in Ramadan for optimal weight loss; would like your feedback:

    Before Futoor: Walk 60 minutes
    Futoor: 2 cups water + 3 dates + ½ cup skimmed laban; then go pray
    After prayer: Bowl of soup (lentil or tomato) + 2 crispbreads
    After Taraweh prayer: 50 minutes of circuit training
    After circuit training: 4 oz lean chicken/beef, 1 cup rice/pasta or bread, 1 cup of cooked veggies
    Dessert (1 hr following dinner): ½ cup low fat vanilla ice cream or a 100 calorie dessert
    Suhoor: 1 cup skimmed yogurt + 1 cup berries + ½ cup bran buds + 1 tbsp slivered almonds + 1 tbsp raw honey

    Thanks dude for caring and sharing all this knowledge! Appreciate all your hard work!

  150. Eman Says:

    Is skimmed laban and low fat laban the same. I started doing the diet since i have days to fast. I went to look for skimmed laban yesterday and couldnt find any. I could only find low fat laban,. Im in bahrain by the way.

  151. FAHAD Says:

    Eman: low fat Laban is perfectly fine :) . Good luck!

  152. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: Thank you for copy/pasting your comment! You just saved me a lot of “skimming” time :) .

    My feedback:
    Before Futoor: Approved.
    Futoor: Approved.
    After Prayer: Approved (use high fiber crisp bread).
    After Taraweeh: Approved.
    After Training: Make sure this meal is 4 hours after Futoor. Delete the carbohydrates completely. Consume 4oz of lean chicken/beef + 2 cups of cooked veggies, then consume your 100 calorie dessert or 1/2-cup low fat vanilla ice cream.
    Suhoor: Approved, but reduce All-Bran to 1/4-cup and use 2 teaspoons of raw honey.

    Good luck :)

  153. FAHAD Says:

    T: I don’t recommend you fast at all. Consult with your doctor first- he knows better when it comes to your personal health and condition.

  154. FAHAD Says:

    Ryan: Thanks!
    1) This diet will do you best.
    2) I don’t know how many kg you lose. It all depends on your metabolism.
    3) Wake up at Al Thihir prayers.

    No worries bro :) my apologies for the late reply.

  155. FAHAD Says:

    TheAbood: What about Laban?

  156. TheAbood Says:

    Nope, not even Laban. I’m quite a picky person, sorry

  157. Slim Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    You did not respond to my query. I would appreciate if you can give me some details of options I can choose. My aim is to reduce weight/ fat and get a lean and muscualr body asap. How can corefitness help. I tried going to corefitness website but it still says coming soon, its been that way since its begining long back.


  158. FAHAD Says:

    TheAbood: then you tell me what you want to snack on. You’re the one who’s going to have to eat it, not me :)

  159. FAHAD Says:

    Slim: My apologies- I haven’t responded to a lot of questions due to my busy schedule.
    Core Fitness can help you attain that health and fitness lifestyle in order to achieve your goals, including a personal trainer, a workout plan and a diet plan.

  160. TheAbood Says:

    Haha, true that.
    Well, I love almost all fruits, especially berries. I don’t mind the nuts and stuff u mentioned. Im just wondering if theres anything I could swap the yogurt with, besides laban.
    I wouldn’t mind having a salad though instead.

  161. Dia Says:

    I would like to thank you for the interesting article about dieting in Ramadhan and since my goal is to loose weight in Rammadhan am looking forward to try your diet usually for Fu6or I eat lentil soup with bread and 2 pieces cheese Sambosa then I pray and after one hour eat sweets which is usually kunafa, or chocolate pudding , for su7or it’s usually yogurt and white rice and 3 dates

  162. FAHAD Says:

    1) Cut out the bread completely and replace it with 1/2-cup of rice, yireesh or harees.
    2) DO NOT EAT SWEETS ONE HOUR AFTER FUTOOR! Sorry for yelling, but I had to get my point across :P eat sweets 4 hours after futoor.
    3) For suhoor, white rice and yogurt is a disaster. It’s a guaranteed weight-gain combination. Including dates to the mix makes it even worse.

  163. FAHAD Says:

    TheAbood: What about cottage cheese? If you’re ok with that, try this:
    1 container of cottage cheese
    1-cup of berries
    1-2 packets of Stevia in the Ra

  164. Ss Says:

    Salam Fahad,

    I’m looking to drop as many lbs as I can – my doctor tells me I need to a total drop 25lbs. I exercise on and off 4/5 days a week: 45min cardio + 45mins of weights but my eating habits are atrocious! Planning to do cardio before futoor. Would appreciate you diet plan. I usually do suhoor (yoghurt+ cheese on toast or eggs), my big weakness is dessert after futoor.

    Ya36ek el3afya.

    Ps: Must lose atleast 15lbs.

  165. FAHAD Says:

    Ss: Would you kindly go over the options I have above and suggest something you see fit for your life. I’ll tweak whatever you throw at me.

  166. Ss Says:

    thanks fahad, there’s a great deal of very useful info here.

    for someone wanting to lose about 25lbs! and reduce body fat percentage from 30% to 20%, would you advise that I focus on cardio alone or or combine cardio with weights? minimum workout time?

  167. 7aneen Says:

    What about in the States when the futoor time is basically at 9 pm,, same rules apply?

  168. FAHAD Says:

    Ss: Combining both would be ideal, but your main focus should be on diet, cardio then weights.
    For cardio, no more than 60 minutes per day and no less than 30.
    For weights, 30 minutes MAX is all you need.

  169. FAHAD Says:

    7aneen: Same rules apply. If I’m not mistaken, futoor’s at 9:25 pm so your meals should go like this:
    9:25 – Futoor
    1:00 – Snack
    4:00 – Suhoor

  170. Majmajy Says:

    Hi fahad,

    I know it’s pretty late to ask about this post but can you explain your tea mixture please? I’d like to know how to make it and where you get the ingredients for them. To me tea has always been Lipton and Lipton green when I want to fool myself into thinking I’m healthy :p


  171. FAHAD Says:

    Majmajy: the mixture will aid in optimal nutrient digestion and metabolism. Moreover, it’ll help speed up fat loss. The teas used are a lot better than Lipton’s version.

  172. Majmajy Says:

    Hmm thank you for answering ^^ but sadly I have more to ask :( what is white tea and ginger tea and where can I buy them :/ I checked at the co-op branch near my house and they looked at me funny when I said I didn’t want liptonor “Shay el wizah” :(

    Thank you in advance

  173. Ramadan Q&A Says:

    [...] Ramadan Dieting for Fat Loss [...]

  174. FAHAD Says:

    Majmajy: Go to The Sultan Center. They’ve got everything I prescribed :) .

  175. Farhan Says:

    SHOW ME ONE PERSON’S TRANSFORMATION CHANGE with this diet…… his/her before and after results please.

  176. Lara Says:

    Thanks you Fahad for the great Ramadan tips ! I found most things in Sultan Center and cannot believe I haven’t seen the Low Carb Pita bread before ! I love the taste of it and the pure Peanut butter as well ! Ramadan Mubarak to you and will keep you posted on major transformation after Ramadan !

  177. SHuna Says:

    Hello, can i eat 3 dates and soup instead of Liban !!

  178. ImFatHelpMe Says:

    HEy Fahad ,

    Usually what i eat in ramadan

    Futoor : laban
    dates (countless)
    harees or yreesh or any machboos (la7am, deyiy), mrabyan , or anything baked in the oven
    lazem lazem lazem shorbat 3adas (everyday)

    Suhoor : usually brown toast with cheese + grape fruit juice

    I wanna minimize the damages , any suggestions on porportions ? I’ll so greatful

    Thanks !! & mbarak 3alaik el shahar

  179. FAHAD Says:

    Farhan: how? I just wrote this a few days ago.

  180. FAHAD Says:

    Lara: I’m glad! Thank you :)

  181. FAHAD Says:

    SHuna: Yes you can.

  182. Nadia B Says:

    thanks a lot for this post, im sure its gonna be really helpful & mbarak 3alaikom ilshahar

  183. FAHAD Says:


    500ml of Water
    250ml Skimmed Liban
    3 Dates
    1-cup of Lentil Soup
    1-cup of rice, harees or yireesh
    1/2 skinless machboos chicken

    The rest take from my Ramadan fat loss plan.

    3alaina o 3alaik :)

  184. Alia Says:

    I’m 15 I’m trying to lose weight so hard. I’m not so fat but I’ve got a belly that I want to lose! My problem here is that I don’t like food much but love junk food (I stopped eating that a couple of months ago) & I’m forced to eat because of a medical condition as I lack vitamins and iron. Will this plan affect my health?

  185. Silent Power Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    first of all i appreciate what your doing here! hats off!

    Im a triathlete and need to loose 3-4kg. im at a stage where my weight is yo-yoing and unstable. i train before futoor with an easy/medium intensity for an hour (cardio+core) and after futoor are long cardio sessions. so what are your suggestions?and most importantly what do u suggest that wont keep me bloated for my night session and at the same time provide energy.


  186. Lulu Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    This is helpful thanx, what I need is 5 kg, so I’ll follow that, except for the S’hoor since I’m on a vacation and I don’t go out morning time. About starvation mode, when does that start, after how many hours exactly, cuz I believe this is what my body needs right now ?

    That’s and Mbarak 3alek elsharar ;)

  187. Lolo Says:

    Hi Fahad, I want your advice in regards to fatloss during Ramadan, I WANT TO TARGET FATLOSS only.As I am a female 22 years old with 53.5 Kgs weight and 5 feet 2 inches height(and am having graduation next month please help me). Overall my physique is normal and it appears sort of slim (healthy and plump but dont have a lot of muscle ) but only problem I have is my big pot-belly (I really mean big as I am apple shaped so all fat seems to get deposited in this area and it gives really a big belly look against sort of normal physique and my waist is around 36-37 which increased during vacation).I can easily put on weight even by eating only home cooked food.

    My meabolism is also slow and I have a sedentary lifestyle.I never joined gym and never took any professional or nutritional advice. But I had successfully lost a lost af weight 3 years ago but since 1year I had stopped any sort of exercise and nothing seems to be affecting bellyfat which is only the matter of concern.Please give me some advice and tips to follow during RAMADAN to reduce waistsize.

  188. Maryam Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    I’ve been following your awesome blog for a while now, and I’m not quite sure if you’ll have the time to send a detailed meal plan, but if you could, that would make my day. (No food preferences)
    Thanks in advance! :D

  189. Berbatova Says:

    I’m not a “tea-person”, can’t I just “ashela min il7esba”?
    & what other options do I have for su7oor?

    And thank you so much ! :)

  190. FAHAD Says:

    Alia: This plan will help you lose weight and maintain your health nsha’Allah.
    Good luck :)

  191. FAHAD Says:

    Silent Power: Thank you :)
    I need more details of your lifestyle. What do you prefer to eat at futoor, a snack and suhoor?

  192. FAHAD Says:

    Lulu: 3alaina o 3alaich!
    Starvation Mode is an unproven theory. Take my word for it: your body will be burning fat when fasting.

  193. FAHAD Says:

    Lolo: Did you read the diet I prescribed up top? That’s what you need, plus a gym to aid you in your fat loss goals.

  194. FAHAD Says:

    Berbatova: I recommend stomaching tea in for its awesome benefits. Provide me with your likes and dislikes in order for me to give you other options please :)

  195. FAHAD Says:

    Maryam: Thanks for tuning in! I already posted tons of detailed plans. Have you seen the one above?

  196. Thunayan Says:

    Hello Fahad,

    Kindly tell me what do you think about my plan for weight loss. I want to lose my belly fat so I can work on a six pack later on.

    First thing first is to stay awake to suffer. Before futoor in 1.3 hrs I would hit the walking track for 4.5KM. Then I would drink 3 cups of water for futoor, go pray and come pack after 10 minutes to eat 5 dates. And of course I would minimally drink 2.5 liters of water as you mentioned in between till suhoor. Then I would have my suhoor meal at 2AM which is the ideal option (Greek non-fat yogurt, nuts and berries) And so on for the whole month.

    Please tell me what do you think and suggest because I haven’t tried it yet.

    Thank you very much !

    Regards Thunayan !

  197. Y Says:

    Hi fahad, are harees and yireesh considered “whole” grains? what’s the difference? How healthy are both?


  198. Maryam Says:

    Oops, I just went back and realized you’ve already posted plans for iftar and suhoor! Apologies!

  199. Rasha Says:

    Salam Fahad,

    Wanted to ask about the tea mix .. do we need to mix all of them together for best results or drink any of them seperatly is good enough?!

    Also want to know if I can drink coffee (Turkish coffee) later at night of maybe Chai Karak?

    please say I can!


  200. FAHAD Says:

    Thunayan: Futoor’s only 5 dates and water?

  201. FAHAD Says:

    Y: I posted about both. Yes- they are whole grain :)

  202. FAHAD Says:

    Maryam: lol no worries.

  203. FAHAD Says:

    Rasha: Mix them all together. Turkish coffee is Ok. I have no idea what chai Karak is.

  204. Silent Power Says:

    hi again,
    regarding ur feedback, i prefer eating small meals that are light instead of 3 main meals a day. i enjoy eating sandwiches, HAREES, soups, PASTA, i can almost add oats to anything, cant tolerate anything that is fried, maybe backed samosas,prefer white meat, SEA FOOD, rice

    snacks: love nutella for a pre workout snack, yoghurt, dried fruits, fruits, OJ,chocolate milk(only after long training sessions) prefer white meat,…

    suhoor:oatmeal with nutella or pb, youghurt, banana, dates


  205. Thunayan Says:

    Oh ! Sorry I mean also with a bit of every thing. But please tell me what do you think would it work ? :D

  206. Munira Says:

    I started this today, How many kilos can I lose by the end of Ramadan? :)

  207. Sahar Says:

    I am so loving this! For some reason i always gain weight during Ramadan, the idea of eating till you sleep so you won’t starve the next day has been built in our heads ! I am printing out this plan and sharing with everyone, will let you know how it goes, the problem is i will be in Lebanon the first 10 days so fotoor time is even 1 hour later than in Kuwait , so more starving and less time for spacing out meals :) Will start with it tomorrow :) thanks again, you are such great help!

  208. FAHAD Says:

    Thunayan: I’m officially lost :P

  209. FAHAD Says:

    Munira: AHH! LOL Please stop asking me that question! I don’t know- everybody is DIFFERENT. :)

  210. FAHAD Says:

    Sahar: More than glad to be of service! Good luck! Hope you have a great time in Lebanon :)

  211. Shoug Says:

    Hi Fahad.

    Can I have Fruits or 5 dates and a low fat Liban for Suhoor instead of what you suggested above?


  212. Anon Says:

    Just wondering about the tea mixture. What do you mean ginger, white tea and peppermint tea together? So we are to mix all those tea bags and let the sit in a cup of hot water for 30mins?

  213. siddiq Says:

    Hi There,

    I got two things to talk about. The first thing is the Suhoor meal which you described, what i do is i make a smoothie knid of mixture out of every thing that you prescribed. ( 1 low fat yogurt, 5 strawberries, 15 pistachou, 2 tspn of honey) now my question is, is this ok to do or shall i eat the yogurt mix instead of making the smoothie.

    The second thing is that, i have been checking my wiehgt on daily basis, what i see is that i am losing 100gms per day and if i go at the same apce i would be be able to reduce only 3kg in the whole month. Can you please advice as to what shall i do to increase the weight loss.

    let me also share something else with you. I used to wiegh 105kg, today i weigh 74kg i need to reach 69kg based on my height (170 cm) and i have been following a calorie count diet and i do 1200 calories per day plus i go to the gym doing cardio plus abs work out. but since ramdan i have been doing your thing all i need is some advice as to increase my wieght loss so that i can quickly reach the 69kg spot as my weight loss has slowed down for a while.

    I would appreciate your prompt response in this regard ( thru email or posts)


  214. Syed Says:

    I lost 3.3 kg in 2 days , is it possible or am I hallucinating?

  215. FAHAD Says:

    Shoug: Yes you may. Fruits OR 5 dates plus 250ml of low fat or nonfat Liban is ideal for Suhoor.

  216. FAHAD Says:

    Anon: yes, mix them all together for 10-30 minutes then drink.

  217. FAHAD Says:

    1) your Suhoor smoothie is perfectly fine.
    2) Don’t check your weight everyday. Check it on a weekly basis (every Friday morning upon waking).
    3) Since you lost the majority of your weight, weight loss will start to slow down. Your body’s trying to reach those stubborn fat stores.
    4) Be patient and consistent.
    5) Indulge in a weekly cheat MEAL (not cheat DAY).

  218. FAHAD Says:

    Syed: Possible. Some of it might be from retained water.

  219. siddiq Says:

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the advice i will do as you suggested. By the way is it possible to get your email address so that in future if i have any questions i can refer them to you. I would appreciate if you could share your contact info.
    Regarding cheat meal can i have 2000 calories on that meal or it has to be a decent figure if decent can you pls let me know the count as i would know what to choose when it comes to cheat meal.

    Weight check on weekly basis instead of daily ,how can it help me track my diet, how would i know i m doing the right thing you know i have a metabolism that if i eat something wrong or extra my weight sky rockets thts why i try to check it on daily basis but if you say weekly basis i would do that no issues.

  220. FAHAD Says:

    siddiq: I rarely reply to emails. Anything you need please ask me on any of my posts and I’ll gladly answer as soon as I can.

  221. mimi Says:

    Hi thankyou for the great post but I just have 1 question can I eat cereal (special k) in suhoor and if no can I just knoW the reason please? Thanks again

  222. siddiq Says:

    Hi there,

    I hope you are doing good and ramadhan might have gone well with you. I just wanted to drop a line to tell you two things the first thing is eid embarak. The second thing is a big big big thank you for guiding me on the diet plan during the month of ramadhan.

    You would be glad to know that i have lost a total of 5 kg in the whole month and now i weigh 69 kg from 74kg. Today is the second day of eid and i have cheated alot but i gueas after all tht hard work i deserved to cheat for two days. I am gonna hit the gym from tomorrow and will be back on track as i have to do a lot of cardio to burn all those calories tht i have accumulated in the past two days. Any ways a very big thank you once again for all the help and my success story to share is a 5 kg loss.

    Thanks and regards

  223. zoza Says:

    i want to loss 10kg this ramadan,before my sister wedding,im working till 4pm and have small kids,therfore i don’t have time to excersis.can i loss weight by following the diet only.could you please advice what type of excersis i can do at home before iftar.

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