McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap

Woke up to a “please review this!” tweet on Twitter, cheap with a link leading to Banana Q8′s review of the new-to-Kuwait crispy chicken wrap.

I haven’t tasted it yet, but I can provide you with my nutritional point of view:

As per what Banana Q8 has specified in her review, this wrap is more of a side order rather than an entree. It packs too much fat for something too small. Blame the deep fryer for that.

In addition, if 330 calories don’t fill you up properly (Diet Care’s sandwiches have less calories and do a great job at satiating the appetite), then you might as well avoid this completely.

Lastly, if you must eat something greasy at McDonald’s then make sure IT’S BEEF! I’ve done the research, and all their chicken sandwiches pack more fat than their burgers.


If you must indulge, then please go with (are you ready for this?) a McDouble- a double burger without cheese. Why?

  • Contains 60 more calories in the form of PROTEIN.
  • 3 grams more fat derived from the burger and not the deep fryer’s grease.
  • 1 gram more fiber.
  • 2 grams less net carbohydrates.


3 Responses to “McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap”

  1. j.z.j Says:

    Thx 3al review ;P i’ve asked for it in Twitter

    these days am Craving Mc Donald’s 7adii and am not ordering it cuz am watching out for what am eating ;/! fa kent abe age9 3la nafsi w agol ok hathe zena w t2adi el wajeb :P

    hal Fatra el kel gam ysawe Wraps! even Hardeez .. (w kelesh ma an9e7k etjarebha ;s !)

  2. FAHAD Says:

    j.z.j: malat Hardee’s qaweya! El burger wrap mish mumkin!

  3. Reno Says:

    Anyone remember kfc’s meltz? *sigh*

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