Effective Tips for CELLULITE



This is a very short post, website but will provide enough information to rid yourself of the enemy that is CELLULITE!

Since my blog’s very “reader-to-blogger” interactive, please flood me with as many questions as you want.


  1. LOSE THE FAT - All of it. Cellulite tends to hang around at stubborn fatty areas. When your body squeezes all the accessible fat stores [until there's nothing left], it’ll start tackling the harder to reach stubborn stores. Be patient or this will not work!
  2. DRINK WATER – Minimum of 3 liters. Cellulite traps in water, especially in this scorching heat. Drink excess water to release all that trapped fluid.
  3. SAUNA SHORTS – Wear them when working out. You’ll need to push all that water out, achievable through HEAT. The shorts will SPOT DEHYDRATE.
  4. VITAMIN E and ALOE VERA – Rub vigorously. Buy them in soft gel form, pop them with a needle, squeeze them out, mix them together and rub that cellulite real hard. It’s been holding you back from enjoying a day at the beach, so make sure you take revenge.
  5. ELIMINATE MILK – Switch to soy milk if you want. Fat-free yogurt with probiotics or fat-free cheese are OK. I’ve read enough studies to prove that milk and cellulite DON’T MIX!

22 Responses to “Effective Tips for CELLULITE”

  1. Yours Truly Says:

    I think I’m going to print out this post, frame it, and hang it forever in my house!

    Better yet, I think I’ll tattoo it on my arm!


  2. FAHAD Says:

    Yours Truly: Print it out again. I just added one more VERY IMPORTANT point to the list.

  3. panacheous Says:

    great info! thanks:)

  4. anonymous89 Says:

    Awesome! Thank you.

  5. mimi Says:

    for someone who is not overweight but still has cellulite, how long should it take for the results show after doing all those tips you talked about ?
    when will we be able to see progress ?

    one more question .. which of the above really speeds up the process ?

  6. FAHAD Says:

    mimi: all the above points have to be implemented. In regards to duration, it depends. In my opinion, 2 month’s the minimum. Maximum’s at 6 months.

  7. Hadi Says:

    Thanks for tips, couldn’t find VITAMIN E and ALOE VERA in my area. Is there other options?

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Hadi: You can find them at any pharmacy. There are no other options.

  9. boG Says:

    what about the extra skin i have lost a lot of weight and have plenty of excess skin around my belly :(

  10. Dm Says:

    I’m gonna engrave this on my hand!
    is there a limit on the milk? like let’s say I like a 1/4 with cereal is that ok or is that amount still significant.

  11. Luluwwa Says:

    I’ve always had in mind that sauna shorts and belts increase the cellulite I don’t knw what made me think this way. Secondly, does the tightness of workout clothes have to do with cellulite? Since I always prefer to workout with tight pants and tshirt

  12. ImFatHelpMe Says:

    Hey fahad,
    * what good brand woupd you recommend for oatbran ?
    * where can we buy a good pair of sauna short. ?

    Thanx ;)

  13. FAHAD Says:

    boG: I went through the same problem. If you have A LOT then surgery is needed. If not, then you need to fill your body with muscle to tighten up all that skin.

  14. FAHAD Says:

    Dm: switch to unsweetened soy milk. If soy wasn’t so bad for males then I would’ve drank liters of it everyday.

  15. FAHAD Says:

    Luluwwa: Doesn’t matter. Just make sure you squeeze all that water out.

  16. FAHAD Says:

    ImFatHelpMe: Lulu Hypermarket sell amazing oat bran.

    Buy any sauna short from any pharmacy.

  17. Ahmed Says:

    Salam Fahad , I have this problem but on my finger i have Cellulite . its very annoying to write or use this finger . should i take vitamin E only ? or do you have a specific exercise for the finger ?

  18. ImFatHelpMe Says:

    Thank YOU !! :D

  19. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmed: I have never heard of cellulite on the finger. Are you sure it’s cellulite?

  20. Sarah Says:

    Hey Fahad,
    Big fan :D
    I have a question, you mentioned losing the fat.
    Personally, my problem area is my thighs. When it comes to my body structure it’s not that easy to lose the fat there. Even if I reach my ultimate goal weight it’s not going to make much of a difference, it’s still gonna be there. So, any tips? How can I lose ALL the fat?

  21. FAHAD Says:

    Sarah: Thank you!
    Females find it very hard to lose fat from their lower bodies, while males find it hard to lose fat from their midsections. This is called stubborn fat, and you’ll have to be very patient to burn it off.

    Number one rule for proper dieting is to depend on the MIRROR and not the scale. You’ll need to diet the fat thighs off, which means your upper body will suffer greatly. Your body will need to squeeze out all the fat from other easier to reach sources then tap into your stubborn stores.

  22. Sarah Says:

    Okay, great! I’ll try to be patient, easier said than done. Thanks, appreciate the help :)

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