Cheating at Cocoa Room

My cheat day started off with a loud BANG. I finally went to the Cocoa Room and had THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER! All I can say is, page Basil Al Salem is an artist when it comes to food. How lucky is Kuwait to have such talent come out of its roots? First it was Burger Boutique at Al Raya, decease then Slider Station at Al Qiblah, decease followed by OFK at 360 Mall and finally (hopefully not the last) Cocoa Room at Al Qiblah. From the atmosphere to the friendly staff, everything was just RIGHT.

No Pictures

My apologies, but I snapped no pictures because:

A) I got in an arm workout prior to initiating my cheat day, so I was pretty hungry. Waiting 6 days for that 7th cheat day was torture enough.

B) The place was crowded. Snapping pictures at the awesome food I was about to consume looks kind of retarded. The amount of food I gorged on was enough to satisfy a circus show audience.

C) Try patiently waiting to take pictures of the best breakfast food you laid your eyes on. 6 days a week, I’m strong and consistent. That 7th day? Screw it. It’s all or nothing!

Nonetheless, there are pictures. I’ve managed to pile up a few pictures courtesy of poach.

Short Review

  • Egg Benedict: two toasted crunchy english muffins, topped with shredded bacon, a soft boiled egg ball with Benedict sauce on top and served with a small lightly dressed salad with squiggly carrots. Don’t make the mistake of eating it with your hands like I did. The yolk easily oozes out, turning an awesome dish like this into a disaster.

Rating: 9/10

  • Barbecue Brisket Hash: Reminiscent of Commando Fries, a bowl of roasted cubed sweet potatoes with barbecued shredded meat, sauteed veggies, topped off with an fried egg. This made my “you’ll-need-to-order-this-everytime-you-go-to-the-Cocoa-Room” list.

Rating: 10/10

  • Red Flannel Hash: Same as the above, with the inclusion of beets and the exclusion of shredded meat. It was OK, but not because it was OK. The BBQ Brisket Hash was way too good in comparison. It’s like comparing Natalie Portman with Nancy Ajram. And yes, Natalie Portman’s hot.

Rating: 6/10

  • Morning Glory: Crunchy multi-cereal toasted sandwich, with fried eggs, bacon and cheese. I loved it, but it was way too salty.

Rating: 7/10

  • Blueberry Waffles: I wasn’t in the mood for waffles, but after taking a bite? I ended up eating my friend’s portion. Two waffles, stuffed with Blueberries, topped with Blueberries, served with a side order of whipped cream and Blueberry sauce.

Rating: 9/10

  • PBJ Sponge Cake: Leave it to Basil to take my favorite breakfast combination (peanut butter and strawberry jam) and turn it into an orgasmic experience. Peanut Butter sponge cake (it’s not a sponge cake, but it looks like one), filled with peanut butter and jam, topped with (I think) Butter Scotch sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Imagine cutting open a sponge cake and having peanut butter and strawberry jam ooze out. Yes- awesome- I KNOW!

Rating: 10/10

  • Falafel Fatayer: What differs Cocoa Rooms fatayers from your conventional fatayer? First, the dough’s crunchy. Second, it was stuffed with a good portion of labnah and falafel. The two were not mixed- you can easily differentiate them both. Lastly, LIGHT AS AIR!

Rating: 8/10

  • Banoffee Pancake: If you go to the Cocoa Room and forget to order the Banoffee Pancake, then you are an I-D-I-O-T. Layers of pancake, stacked with (are you ready for this?) crushed digestive crumbs, caramel and banana.

Rating: OH MY GOD/10

Eating Healthy at Cocoa Room

Basil is a health enthusiast, and he tries (and succeeds) to implement health as much as possible. Within a few days, I’ll be posting an article on how to eat healthy at Cocoa Room. Stayed tuned!

18 Responses to “Cheating at Cocoa Room”

  1. Syed Says:

    Did you eat all of the above? Mashallah.

  2. Fay Says:

    Perfect timing! i’m heading there in few bs we’re only two o now abi all of the above :(

  3. Princess Says:

    golaw mashalla lay9er feeh shay ;p

  4. Essa ALEssa Says:

    Fahad i was there both Friday and Saturday, its addictive me love it… oo khalaas if al3askaree gives me a hard time bagoola its fahad approved to take it easy…

  5. FAHAD Says:

    Syed: lol I diet hard, but I cheat harder :p

  6. FAHAD Says:

    Fay: You’ll LOVE IT! Everything about the place is amazing!

  7. FAHAD Says:

    Essa ALEssa: super addictive ya Bu Khalid! Bil 3afia!

  8. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Bil3afya, cant wait to try it…

  9. K" Says:

    wow what a great post, but it really hurts me that you didn’t mention falafel company </3 it's so underrated and I reallllly miss it ='[~

  10. Fay Says:

    I did! it’s gonna be my cheat meal next week!

  11. .R' Says:

    Mashallah it looks better with every review I read, bel3afya fahad.

    And Yay! Healthy post for cocoa room :D do one for OFK too please please pleeeaaasee!!! ;p

  12. FAHAD Says:

    .R’: Whatever you read, your experience will always be better :)

  13. Eating Healthy at the Cocoa Room Says:

    [...] you read my cheat review on the Cocoa Room, you’ll realize that I ate a lot. I admit that on cheat days I have the appetite of a hungry [...]

  14. Abosh_Hypnotic Says:

    LOOOL nice appetite , 5ayal lasm aro7 :( mar7tla

  15. Ola Says:

    Great. Thanks for the info. I’m heading there tomorrow. Lol it happens to be my 7th day too LOL its all or nothing!!! :p

  16. Luluwwa Says:

    what if im dieting and ive been craving cacao room for a month o 3ala fikra never tried it bs kilmen itisharag feeh so is it ok to take the cheat for a breakfast and then continue dieting the whole day?

  17. FAHAD Says:

    Luluwwa: yup! Cheating at breakfast is the ideal time.

  18. مريم Says:

    نااااااااااايس يهبل شكله حده يشوق يعطكم العافيه

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