Twitter Follower Passes Iron Test!

One of my super awesome, cheap über loyal and extremely cool readers tweeted something VERY interesting yesterday:

ChillPillBox: “Oh my God I have to tell you this! I was always low on iron levels, viagra so today I did a test to determine how low I am. I called the lab for the results and I could not believe my ears! I was 24 and the HIGH was 25!!!! You know what I’ve been snacking on for a month? Blueberries!!! No vitamins no nothing! Just 100 grams of blueberries a day!

She added: “This is the first time I experience fruits that act like Magic pills! When I took iron supplements I barely reached the minimum!

I’d also like to add she’s been dieting and working out for a month, losing around 7.4 kg in the process. How did she do it? Ask her yourself by dropping a question below.

Females are known to be anemic. Do yourselves a favor and learn a thing or two from her.

15 Responses to “Twitter Follower Passes Iron Test!”

  1. Aziz Says:

    Keep it up :) )

  2. Yours Truly Says:

    Thanks Aziz :)

  3. mimi Says:

    really ?! i take iron supplements like m&m’s and my iron level is always low .. it’s been 9 years and i tried all the iron supplements in the world i even took one that was not legal in Kuwait (it had a percentage of something that was illegal to have in Kuwait can’t remember what it was) and NOTHING worked until today .. i’m always pale because of that

    i’m sooooo going to try to do the same and will let you know what happens :) i always wanted to have rosey cheeks

    thanks for sharing your experience and thanks Fahad for the positive changes you are doing for our lives

  4. Yours Truly Says:


    It was a pure coincidince that they raised my iron levels as this was not my intention! I would also like to add that I drink white tea daily. When I checked, it has about same amount of iron there is in the blueberries. i think it might have helped as well.

    Another sure method of sky rocketting your iron levels is parsely juice. Blend a bunch with some water. Add a squeeze of lemon, and a packet or 2 of stevia. It’s a fresh drink that is tried by many people I know. It did wonders to their iron level :)

    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Yours Truly Says:

    Another explanation for the blueberries: they are a good srouce of vitamin C, which helps greatly in the obsorption of iron in the blood. I also found out they are high in potassium and vitamin K. *fahad can elaborate more on how those help our bodies! :)

  6. Single mom Says:

    Hmmmmm. Blueberry has no significant iron in it. I doubt that. I’m anemic … Only way was iron shots for 3 days in hospital.. Plus pills. Red meat is the best way as well… But I hate meat.

  7. Aisha Says:

    So how many blueberries are a 100 grams? I’m definitely planning to put this hypothesis to the test.

  8. Yours Truly Says:

    Aisha 100 grams fill a little over half a cup.

  9. Reno Says:

    Congrats yours truly! Continue with your new healthy lifestyle & the best of health to you. God bless!

  10. Yours Truly Says:

    Thank you Reno :)

  11. FAHAD Says:

    All: Let me chime in for a bit-
    Blueberries contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that enhance other nutrients’ absorption. In addition, Blueberries are very high in folic acid, which produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.

    The reason why many of you aren’t responding to iron supplementation is because you DON’T need iron. You need folic acid.

  12. mimi Says:

    Yours Truly: wow ! i’m sooo going to try everything you said .. i already drink white tea (thanks to Fahad) which is awesome :) i’ll try the parsely juice tip as well thanks alot

    Fahad: mashalla 3alek that’s what my doctor told me too .. he said that i need folic acid and vitamin C in order for my body to absorb iron and to absorb the folic acid i need vitamin B :) i found those amazing pills that contain the whole gang (vitamin C & B + folic acid + iron + oh and also zinc)
    still something is wrong and i’m still pale as always that’s why i was so excited that there’s a natural source that could work with me

  13. Yours Truly Says:

    Fahad thanks for the explanation!

    I have to say I was kind of puzzled of their affect giving the fact that they are not that rich in iron. But now it’s clear how they helped! :)

  14. Zezo Says:

    This post is amazing, from Your Truly to Fahad to all comments. I like it.

  15. FAHAD Says:

    Zezo: Thank you! And thanks to Yours Truly!

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