What’s the difference between a 50kg skinny crack head and a 200kg fatty McDonaholic? Absolutely nothing. Both will probably perform felatio for their next high, more about but that’s beside the point.

Whether you’re puffing the magic dragon, cialis 40mg snorting cocaine, case doing crystal meth, cheesing (sniffing cat urine) or eating a supersized McDonald’s meal, you’ll end up with the same exact high.

Blame Opioids for Obesity

Life can be very stressful, and the only way to avoid issues that cause stress is to responsibly deal with them or drain the pain. If your weakling self chose the latter, you can drink your sorrows away (and kiss your liver and health goodbye) or binge now, binge later and binge some more.

Opioids are chemicals used by the body for increasing pain tolerance and inducing sedation. Their effects can produce a feeling of euphoria, which is how illegal narcotics work.

Scientists found out that continuous binge eating on high fat and high sugar foods, altered the expression of the opioid receptors in the part of the brain that controls food intake. It is possible that the “high” from the binge is something that the person wants to recreate, thereby leading to more binges and possibly the development of an eating disorder.


Hello. My name is Fahad, and I am an addict. Every weekend I isolate myself from the world in order to enjoy my cheat meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. From Sunday to Thursday, I give 150% to my workouts, diet plan and expose myself to as much stress as possible in order to promote incredibke increases in my appetite and cravings. Check out yesterday’s post and you’ll know what I mean.

Kuwait – “If you build it and make it fatty, they will come”

Anyone remember when Napket first set up shop at the Avenues? It was a TOTAL BUST. The majority of their menu was health oriented, and you had to serve yourself. After altering the entire concept by pumping in more taste via fat and sugar calories and hiring more waiters to serve our lazy asses, the Kuwaiti society took notice.

Additionally, Kuwait has roughly a GABIMIZILLION cookie, muffin and brownie businesses coming out of nowhere. Some of them will even dedicate the time and money to deliver the food right to your mouth. We’ll even pay extra for someone to feed us.

What about FatBurger? I absolutely love the place, but it’s too damn far away. I urge all of you to go there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night after 7 pm. Crowded is an understatement.

I don’t even have to talk about Pinkberry. The absurdly long que speaks for itself.

B+F restaurants mastered the art of making delicious food taste 1,683% BETTER. Fries? Lets add in some super tender beef, chili, beans, cheese, jalapenos and mayo and give it a ballsy name! Rambo? Terminator? OH! COMMANDO! We’ll introduce a version with 687% more calories and call it…grenade? OOOH! DYNAMITE! I’m currently waiting on the “Chuck Norris Burger”, where the meat will literally pop out of the bun, roundhouse kick your face and force you to like it.

And what’s up with the fast food business? I’ve yet to see an empty McDonald’s drive-thru, and Burger King, KFC and Hardee’s have all perfected the art of home delivery.

The calorie-dense restaurants are endless. A friend of mine who’s a well-known restaurant owner hired a couple of French analysts for due diligence before launching one of his restaurant chains. They came up with an obvious conclusion that any fat kid on the street could’ve came up with: the Kuwaiti society LOVES CALORIES.

This is just an FYI Post

I love all the restaurants I mentioned above, and I ALWAYS go all out with consumption. Speaking as a part owner and General Manager of Core Fitness, fat business is good business.

It’s like the circle of life: OFK gets you fat, your girlfriend or wife dumps you for the way you look, you sign up at Core Fitness, you lose the weight, you hook up with another girlfriend or wife, you go on a date to OFK, you get fat, your current girlfriend or wife dumps you and you’re back to Core Fitness.

16 Responses to “We are ADDICTS”

  1. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Funny article Fahad but i totally agree, i would say that 95% of the food buisinesses in kuwait become successful, us kuwaitis love our food in an insane way…

    P.S. Keep up your style of writing even a boring article would be nice to read if you wrote it ur way… :P

  2. FAHAD Says:

    Bo-Ya3gooob: LOL I made that 3-line sentence research sounds 10x more interesting :P

  3. Cake Monster Says:

    ORLY OWL <3 !! But yeh its embarrassing that we are so fat :( I wonder if they are gonne start introducing those motorized wheel chairs at places like they do here in the US.

    Everything has a price. German chocolate cake + almond baklava is 30 minutes of conditioning and 45 minutes of weight lifting.

  4. Rotsu Says:

    Sliders have a burger called “The nut cracker” i won’t be surprise if they make the “Chuck Norris Burger” lmao.

  5. mimi Says:

    temptations are everywhere -_-

    speaking of husband/wife, here’s a thing : most married women gain weight after they get married is because their husband’s eat so damn much !! i guess that men eat as twice as we do but their metabolism is faster which helps them mantain their weight; however their poor wives are the ones who get more “junk in their truck” because she has to join him whenever he’s eating for the sake of being with him and keeping him company (ah women are so romantic) so it’s the other way around .. women gain weight quicker than men and their men might leave them or cheat on them for that because her shape isn’t as good as it used to be (that’s if the man is a shallow @$&# *%$#(# ^$*#(@! .. just making it clear that i’m Not talking about REAL loving commited men lol)

    anyyyyway .. it gets harder and harder when you’re married because in our society we become social eaters and in order not to upset the person you’re married to or your in laws who keep stuffing your mouth with food or your mom who misses you so much since you got married and lived outside the house makes you your favourite dishes ! and what makes things even easier is that almost EVERYTHING GETS DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE either because they provide home delivery or your fairy Godfather “Kumar the driver” can bring you anything you want

    sometimes you miss the feeling of hunger lol

    sorry i wrote too much :D

  6. FAHAD Says:

    mimi: I wouldn’t know since I’m not married. Nevertheless, I would gladly turn down my wife’s mother if she stuffs a cheesecake infront of me in the midst of my diet plan :P

    I’ve heard the opposite from males: “my wife eats, so I have to eat.” Delicious fatty and carby food is awesome, and there is absolutely no doubt about that :)

  7. Husain Says:

    Gr8 post Fahad. Btw, I am still waiting for the Time Management post I asked for.

    Keep up the good work bro.

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: Thanks :) Trying my best to make time

  9. mimi Says:

    Fahad: your future mother in law will not be so happy lol

  10. FAHAD Says:

    Cake Monster: I would put in the time and effort if the reward is GREAT FOOD! TWO MORE DAYS!!

  11. FAHAD Says:

    Rotsu: LOL the Chuck Norris burger has to give you that “bang” right after you take the first bite. An unexplainable-WTF kind of bang!

  12. Sahar Says:

    This is a hilarious yet sad post :D enjoyed every bit, people at the office think I’m crazy :) Thanx again, loved it!

  13. nahin123 Says:

    Fahad, as you know im lactose intolerant (and so are you, like you said)..so is buying the Optimum Nutrition Hyrdo-Whey worth the money..cuz its lactose free…or will the normal Whey (Maroon tub) will do fine..

  14. FAHAD Says:

    Sahar: I enjoyed writing it! I’m glad you loved it :D

  15. FAHAD Says:

    nahin123: any ON protein works fine. Don’t waste your money on Hydrowhey. They all contain digestive enzymes, such as Aminogen (enhanced protein absorption) and lactase (enzyme for breaking down lactose). I get bloated with 0 carb whey isolates, but not with ON’s protein powders.

  16. Eat Less to Live More Says:

    [...] When you put two and two together, you get the optimal basis for a life-long calorie restriction plan. These people consume less than they are supposed to, or at least 100x less than the average Kuwaiti. [...]

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