Why You’re Fat: Sab el Gafsha


Similar to Lgaimat, price Sab el Gafsha’s bigger which means it packs more of a caloric punch:

Per 100 grams or 2 pieces: 414 Calories

So how many have you carelessly consumed yesterday?

Heavy Futooring

Last Thursday, viagra 40mg I shifted my cheat meal from Suhoor to Futoor and it was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!

I started off with drinking a mere 250ml of water in order to enjoy my cheat meal and not suppress my appetite that much. What a HUGE mistake that was. I started eating minutes after Al Maghrib prayers and couldn’t stop! I was the last one to leave the Futoor table and the last one to leave the dessert table.

You might think it’s OK since it’s a free meal, discount but it’s not after 16 hours of fasting without food or water. My stomach was in for an extreme shock! I had to force myself to stop eating.

I literally couldn’t get up to go to Al Isha and Taraweeh prayers (thank God I prayed Al Maghrib prior to my cheat or else I would’ve skipped that too). With the amount of carbohydrates and sodium I ingested, viagra 60mg I ended up drinking a ton of water which made me feel 1000x more uncomfortable.

Conclusively, I felt like crap for the remainder of my feasting day and all I wanted to do is lay down and SLEEP. I tried to counteract the heavy feeling by performing 45 minutes of high intensity interval cardio, but I still felt like ‘meh’. Suhoor was skipped due to stomach fullness and bloat. I literally felt better the next day after prayer Al Isha.

4 days prior to Thursday, I cheated at Suhoor and it was a breeze. Futoor was the usual 1.5 liters of water, a bowl of Harees, Pumpkin Soup, Grilled Chicken and a salad. Futoor helped control my gargantuan appetite when I cheated. The next day, I felt a tad bloated.

Fahad’s Take

My drink-alot-of-water-before-futoor-theory WORKS! In addition, refrain from cheating at Futoor if you plan on going too heavy. If you plan on cheating at Suhoor, start 5-6 hours after Futoor or whenever you feel comfortable eating.

Why You’re Fat: Machboos


Nothing screams LUNCH or FUTOOR more than a large plate of Machboos!


So how does Machboos (Red Meat and Chicken) stack up calorie wise?

Assuming you’ve dug a spoon, getting in ALL macros (protein, fat and carbohydrate sources) found in Machboos:

Calories Per 6 tablespoons or 100 grams:
Machboos Laham (Red Meat): 173
Machboos Deyay (Chicken): 156

Happy Machboosing Everybody!

Why You’re Fat: Lgaimat


Balls of dough deep fried to perfection then dipped in Saffron and Cardamom syrup.

You see the picture above? 1 of those tasty critters will set you back 50 calories- AT LEAST!

Tune in for more of these “Why You’re Fat” posts.

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